Kangaroo Island has become an incredibly popular spot for tourists from all over the world, but when you visit, you wouldn’t know it. It’s been preserved by the people that live there and there’s no trace of pollution or commercialisation, which makes it an unmissable experience for the spirited traveller who prefers rugged landscapes and unique adventures.

Travel through the jewels of South Australia’s coast; Moana, Middleton, Port Elliot and Victor Harbour on your way to Cape Jervis, where you’ll board the SeaLink to get to Kangaroo Island. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is SA’s coastline. Once you get here, there are no boundaries to the different ways you can immerse yourself in this island – and kangaroos are only a small part of it.

You know you should visit. But why? Here are six fantastic reasons for the traveller who’s ready for an Australian adventure that will have you looking in the real estate section of the KI Press.

It’s a Bushwalkers Paradise

Flinders Chase Trail

Kangaroo Island’s unique walking trails are a wonderful way to see the island’s most rugged, remote and spectacular coastlines. Source: WalkingSA.org.au

There’s something about the air on Kangaroo Island. It’s rejuvenating and refreshing, and there’s no better way to soak it up than on one of the island’s many bushwalks. Start at Flinders Chase for the Black Swamp Hike and try to spot the elusive platypus or stick to the coast as you trek to Cape du Couedic.

You could even choose your own adventure and pick your favourite stretch of the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trek. Rocky River or the Kelly Hill Section are free to trek, while the middle sections require a park payment.

There are trails for every fitness and experience level and plenty of friendly locals who’ll point you in the direction of their favourites, so don’t forget your hiking boots (and swimming towel if it’s warm!)

Get Deep Down at Kelly Hill Caves

If you’re the type of traveller who likes to balance their downtime – walks along the beach, a novel in a cosy chair – with something more thrilling, Kangaroo Island is the perfect place for you. So if you’re keen for something daring after your daily crossword puzzle, why not go caving at the Kelly Hill Caves?

Whether you walk or crawl amongst the formations, you’ll be amazed at their natural history. Incorporate the caves into a day of hiking (the gorgeous hike to Hanson Bay starts at the visitor centre) and get a real feel for Kangaroo Island’s wonderful ecology, both above and underground.

If you’d like to book a tour, you can do so at the Kelly Hill visitor centre on the day.

Hanson Bay Kangaroo Island

The beautiful white sands and turquoise waters of Hanson Bay will take your breath away! Source: WalkingSA.org.au

Go Sand Boarding Through The Little Sahara

In keeping with the theme of adventure, Kangaroo Island is home to one of the few locations in SA where you can sand board legally, without damaging fragile ecosystems. The Little Sahara is the place to board down a picturesque sand dune, where your fall will be broken by soft sand and boarders of all skill levels are welcome.

Little Sahara Kangaroo Island

Experience the thrills and spills of sandboarding in the Little Sahara. Source: simonbeedle.com

It’s a cheap day out and hilarious fun. If you’d prefer not to board we recommend you make your way out to Little Sahara at some point of your trip to Kangaroo Island regardless – the dunes make for an incredible photo opportunity, especially at sunset.

Cape Borda Cliff Top Walk Will Take Your Breath Away

Cape Borda Lighthouse KI

Visit the historic Cape Borda Lightstation in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island. Source: tourkangarooisland.com.au

At 30 minutes for a round trip, the Cape Borda Cliff Top walk isn’t a hike, but it is spectacular. Located on the wilder western end of Kangaroo Island at Flinders Chase, this walk will take you all the way to Cape Borda lighthouse. Loved by locals, the lighthouse is uniquely square and perched over miles of uninterrupted ocean views.

Aim for around midday if you don’t want to miss the cannon firing. This is a walk where packing your camera is essential – whales and dolphins can be spotted out at sea all year round.

Frolic With Sea Lions At Seal Bay

Sea Lions at Seal Bay Kangaroo Island

Get up close and personal with the magnificent sea lions of Kangaroo Island. Source: environment.sa.gov.au

They’re known as the puppies of the sea and Kangaroo Island’s colony is particularly playful. Stories about KI’s Australian sea lion colony have travelled around the world, and it’s an unmissable part of your trip.

For some added magic, join Seal Bay’s Twilight Beach Tour and walk amongst the seal’s and their pups while the sun sets in the background. Once you meet the sea lions, you’ll be reminded why the locals fight so hard to keep the island’s coast pristine and undisturbed.

Interact with the cheeky sea lions from a distance to stop them feeling threatened, and come home with a memory you’ll always want to relive.

Scuba Dive To Meet The Very Rare, Very Shy Leafy Sea Dragon

scuba diving kangaroo island

You’ll need to dive deep underneath Kangaroo Island’s Kingscote Jetty to catch a glimpse of the beautiful and rare Leafy Sea Dragon. They’re exclusive to Australia and it’s a thrill to see them in their natural habitat, amongst the other wonders of the deep sea.

If you have scuba diving license, you can set off from Kingscote’s shore or go further out by boat. If you’d like to dive with a diving centre, there’s only one that operates from the island: Kangaroo Island Diving.

People travel from around the world to South Australia in the hope of spotting the Leafy Sea Dragon, which has pride of place as SA’s state emblem. If you manage to find one, cherish the moment as it’s not very often you’ll see something so exotic and unique.

Diving is an addictive adrenaline rush and all you need to do it is a great instructor, so try and make some time when you visit KI. You’ll be swimming amongst extraordinary marine life in no time!

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