Feeling fortunate to get a booking for a 15 day tour in The Kimberley this year the four of us were a bit nervous about how it would be in a vehicle for that long with a driver/guide. We need not to have worried as our guide Steve was masterful and experienced, educating and inspiring us to understand the nature of The Kimberley; landforms, history and culture.

This was a well-paced tour with laughter, generosity from our guide and awe-inspiring scenery. We’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Cherie and Stuart, 2021

4 of us, 2 couples had a 2 week camping tour with Bryce. It was absolutely fabulous. The tents and air mattresses were very comfortable so we slept very well. Bryce is also and excellent cook and catered to our various dietary restrictions. He took us to all the major highlights of the Kimberley’s, all really amazing. We can thoroughly recommend Outback Horizons and how to do another trip with Bryce in the future.

Tom, 2019
(Sydney, Australia)

At first we were a little hesitant about the cost, but very soon we realised that there is simply no way we could have done the same trip by ourselves any cheaper, due to the sophisticated 4WD equipment and expertise required to travel through this amazing region… 

Our Kimberley tour is one of the best holidays we have ever had, and has already become memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.  Thanks again, John!

Libby, 2007
(Sydney, Australia)

Bryce presented us with an interesting itinerary that covered all the highlights. The tour was an accommodated one. On the way, he indulged us with fruits, snacks and water. Bryce knows Australia very well and he has an excellent and comfortable Toyota 4WD. Our trip with him was a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Haim & Sarah Tsoar, 2016

It was an amazing, fantastic holiday!! There is no way we would have had as much fun had we been part of a large group tour. 

What we loved about the tour:
* Clever itinerary which involved expert guidance to the highlights of the wild and remote Kimberley and plenty of time to see them without being rushed on to the next destination.
* Dining in style!
* Spacious comfortable tent.

Thanks again!

Noni, 2012
(Adelaide, Australia)

A fantastic, tailormade touring experience with very comfortable camping setup and 4WD vehicle. Guiding by Bryce was extremely professional yet friendly and the level of knowledge of the area and beyond was impressive. Highly recommended for all age groups due to level of flexibility and personalised approach.

Karen, 2019

Travel with Outback Horizons afforded a personalised trip of a lifetime.

Our professional guides, Phil and Caroline, instilled trust and a sense of complete safety. They were unwavering in their desire to give us the best possible experience and memories of the grandeur of this part of Australia. They never stopped, from beginning to end, working to meet and exceed our every expectation.

Being a family owned company meant that we travelled with a small group of people where everyone’s needs were met in terms of diet, level of fitness and interests. The itinerary could be easily adjusted to suit our interests and make the most of access to highlights.

There was something for everyone from scrambling over rocks to reach a spectacular gorge to a relaxing sunset viewing complete with wine and cheese. Evenings were often spent around a campfire, toasting marshmallows and sharing in the day’s experiences with details about the day ahead.

We loved learning more about Aboriginal history and culture. The hikes through beautiful terrain were often rewarded by welcome dips in stunning gorges under waterfalls or even hot thermal springs.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in exploring the treasures of the Australian outback.

David, Esther, Tom and Maria, 2021

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